54gene Presentation

10 OCTOBER 2019

Location: Mezzanine Level

Sponsored by: 54gene


Topic:  Precision medicine and personalized healthcare in Africa: A genomics approach


Recent advances in genomic research worldwide have increased the number of therapeutic targets, and this is based on the unique molecular signature of individual diseases. Currently, the entire genome of an individual can be sequenced in less than 24 hours, for a fraction of its original cost. The resulting data is rich with information that provides us with genetic information that can be used for disease prediction, targeted therapy and personalized healthcare models.

54gene is the first African company to leverage on these advances in genomic research, offering molecular diagnostic services to both clinicians and individuals, at competitive prices. As the first pan-African biobank, 54gene will have a robust repository of genotypic and phenotypic data that will enable us to offer bespoke solutions to healthcare and patient management in Africa, for Africans (and the rest of the world).

Speaker: Dr. Jumi Popoola, Director of Scientific Services (Africa), 54gene