Health Improvement Conference

11 OCTOBER 2019

In association with the Healthcare Leadership Academy


Theme: Driving healthcare improvement through the Quadruple Aim



The world over, health systems grapple with the challenge of being able to simultaneously provide better care, better health, and at lower costs  in order to improve the health of populations. However, the potential to achieve improved patient care, health outcomes, and lower costs may be compromised by the healthcare experiences encountered when care is provided. Central to any effective health system is an engaged and productive workforce – comprised of people who find a sense of meaning and fulfilment in their work – as this might improve the quality of healthcare and ultimately, the overall patient experience.

This year’s theme: “Driving healthcare improvement through the Quadruple Aim” provides a platform to explore the complex healthcare work environment through the lens of patients, healthcare professionals and leaders as well as health-focused individuals and organisations. It seeks to help healthcare workers develop and improve the skills required to enhance wellbeing whilst improving care, health, and lowering costs through connecting, engaging, and interacting with leaders from both the healthcare and other industries.     

Key Topics:

  • The Quadruple Aim of Healthcare in Africa
  • The patient's experience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Change Management
  • Work Culture and Stress Management
  • Innovation in resource constrained environments 

Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the quadruple aim and why this exists; where we are currently in Africa and what steps they can actively take to drive this forward within their organisations
  • Become familiar with the what, why, and how of emotional intelligence; and learn practical tips and tools on how to develop emotional intelligence and use this to manage relationships more effectively at work
  • Build their awareness of the threat of antimicrobial resistance in Nigeria and the role of clinicians and policymakers in controlling it
  • Learn from the experiences of a diverse group of healthcare professionals on how they have successfully influenced the adoption of change, despite initial resistance, within their various contexts
  • Learn practical tips and tools on how to effectively manage stress in the workplace, and the joint responsibility of employers and employees in determining work culture
  • Become familiar with various research and technological innovations that have been piloted or rolled out to improve service delivery, improve healthcare access, and or reduce the cost of care


Conference Chair:           

Dr Hala Daggash, Executive Director, Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA), Lagos, Nigeria



Prof Chantal Epié, Dean, School of Business Administration, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Emem Laguda, Faculty and M&E Lead, HLA, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Iyabo Kudayah, Joint Medical Director, Lifeline Children's Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria

Pharm. Love Omoniyei, Project Supervisor and GARP - Nigeria Country Assistant, Ducit Blue Solutions, Abuja, Nigeria

Dr Mamsallah Faal Omisore, Family Physician and Health Policy Consultant, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Sade Olufemi-Ayoola, Faculty and Programme Manager, HLA, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey, Executive Director, Africa Region, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Accra, Ghana

Habiba Balogun, Director & Principal Consultant, Habiba Balogun Consulting Limited, Lagos, Nigeria

Oluwasoga Oni, CEO/Co-Founder, MDaaS Global, Lagos, Nigeria