Healthcare Leadership Academy Workshop

11 OCTOBER 2019

In association with the Healthcare Leadership Academy


Theme: Building leadership, management, and quality improvement capabilities of all healthcare professionals



The 2019 Healthcare Leadership workshop hosted by the HLA will explore and identify skill gaps across the health system in Nigeria, and more broadly West Africa. With overall care quality, organisational overall performance and staff engagement being directly correlated to leadership, there is an evident need to develop and sustain a culture of effective stewardship from all healthcare professionals and overall effective leadership.

But what is ‘effective leadership’ and how do you implement this actively? Attend this concise one day workshop to discuss address how current and future generations of healthcare professionals can harness the skills, tools, and capabilities to improve health outcomes and wellbeing through good governance and employing ‘leadership best practice’ tactics.

Key Topics:

  • Advancing healthcare in AfricaKey to safe healthcare transformation
  • 'The patient experience'
  • Population health   
  • Population health and per capita cost of care

Benefits of Attending:

  • Discuss the quadruple aim and why this exists; where we are currently in Africa and what steps needed to actively drive this forwardEvaluate international and regional challenges associated with healthcare transformation and debate how best to overcome these
  • Practical tips and tools on how to develop Emotional Intelligence and use this at the work place
  • Review the latest strategies & tools enabling improved quality and patient safety
  • Gain knowledge of tips and tools enabling you to effectively manage stress in the workplace, and the joint responsibility of employers and employees in determining work culture
  • Review the latest technology innovations to improve service delivery, improve healthcare access, and or reduce the cost of care 


Conference Chair:           

Dr Hala Daggash, Executive Director, Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA), Lagos, Nigeria