Primary Care Diabetes Conference

11 - 12 OCTOBER 2018

In association with the Beyhealth Masterclass


THEME: Counting the cost of Diabetes


The 2018 edition of our annual diabetes conference is themed ‘Counting the Cost of Diabetes’. It recognises the unquantified substantial burden of type-2 diabetes across the region and focuses attention on the macroeconomic implications of diabetes-related chronic disease. The programme examines the true financial cost of managing diabetes and explores the socioeconomic and clinical impact of this condition on local communities, healthcare resourcing and national productivity

Conference Objectives:

The Counting the Cost of Diabetes conference is designed to help delegates:

  • Acquire an understanding of the aetiology and “risk” implications of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistanceand associated co-morbid disease.
  • Explore the presentation and evidence-based treatment of common and under-recognised co-morbidities contributing to the burden of chronic ill health in diabetic patients.
  • Become familiar with prevalence data relevant to regional patterns of diabetes and implications of such data for health systems planning, policy implementation and resourcing.
  • Consider the socioeconomic impact of diabetes complications on local communities and entire population groups, vis-à-vis employment, disability, cost of living and treatment expenses, social isolation and stigmatisation.
  • Discuss specific examples of innovative funding and cross-sector collaboration in healthcare financing applicable to diabetes management in low and middle-income countries.


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