A Revolutionary Approach To Blood Management And Patient Safety

by DCL Laboratory Products Ltd

  August 6, 2019 

Given the shrinking donor pool, it's critical to optimize the amount of blood derived from each donor. Blood supply is often critical to ensure optimum patient care. Because of increasing Nigerian populations, demand for blood products is increasing, yet supply is not keeping pace with demand as fewer people are willing to donate blood for lack of adequate awareness and fear of safety. Blood collection centers throughout the world are facing difficult times as they strive to ensure the safety of the blood supply in the face of chronic shortages and a constantly shrinking donor base. Clearly, blood management centers including Nigerian tertiary hospitals and National Blood Transfusion Service Centres are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient, to manage existing donor pools, and to attract new donors. To help these centers accomplish these goals.

Haemonetics, USA and Haemotec SA in collaboration with DCL Laboratory Products Ltd presents the MCS+ automated blood component collection system which offers a complete portfolio of protocols for the collection of different blood products such as platelets, red cells, white cells, plasma, stem cells..etc. More than three different blood products can also be collected at the same time.

“MCS+ is a true Multicomponent Aphaeresis system” Aphaeresis is a blood donation method where the blood is passed through an apparatus that separates out one particular desired component and returns the remainder to the donor. Aphaeresis allows donors to donate just one desired blood component. Blood is drawn out through a vein in the arm, and the machine separates out the needed component (usually platelets, red cells, white cells, and plasma or even stem cells). These components can simply and safely be collected in this way within\30min to 1hr. The rest of the blood component is then returned to the donor.  Up to 250ml of platelet can be collected within 30mins to 1hr. 

Aphaeresis has been widely accepted as most safe method of blood collection from donors. MCS+ from Haemonetics USA offers a range of possibilities for therapeutic aphaeresis procedures including exchange transfusion, etc. The versatility of this system enables blood collection centres throughout the world to implement a complete and economical solution for the automation of blood donation operations.

The MCS+ is a time Saver in blood products collection protocols. It is the simplest and most efficient way to collect high quality products for the betterment of the patient. This portable device enables the collection of single donor platelets (single and double doses), platelets and plasma…etc.

In line with patient safety policy of DCL Laboratory Products Ltd, DCL has partnered with reputable hospitals and clinics across Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia in providing this revolutionary technology in the last decade and still counting.

DCL Laboratory Products ltd is humble to say that through those unalloyed support and patronage of healthcare professionals, we have been able to contribute to the saving of lives of over 2 million West Africans through the introduction of this world class and life saving technology since 2009.

DCL Laboratory Products Ltd (DCL) is the leading provider of medical laboratory solutions in West Africa. Founded in 2005, DCL has become a household name in the healthcare industry across West Africa with capacity to provide a turnkey laboratory solution as well as the provision of service supports and user training. DCL Laboratory Products Ltd has operational offices spreading across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

We are uniquely independent with unparalleled capability of providing a total clinical laboratory solution to our teaming clients in all areas of laboratory medicines. DCL is also a major market player in patient safety with strict operational policies that ensure the safety of patients and health care professionals in conformity to the acceptable international best practices. DCL Laboratory Products Ltd is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We have consecutively won the NHEA awarded from 2016 to 2019 as The Laboratory Marketing company of the year.

We have also won The  WAHEA, 2019 award as The Outstanding Medical Supply Company of the year by the West Africa body of the Health Excellence Award. We are even more challenged to deepen our support for healthcare best practices by providing more innovative solutions that support laboratories in our covered areas of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Histopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Blood banking, molecular pathology, immunology and Microbiology etc.

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