DCL Laboratory Product Ltd announced a collaboration with Sight Diagnostics Ltd (SightDX)

(Oct. 5th,2017) DCL Laboratory Product Ltd today announced a collaboration with Sight Diagnostics Ltd (SightDX), to introduce the Parasight‟ Malaria Detection Platform in Nigeria and Ghana. Through this agreement, DCL will promote and offer for sale, the Parasight device in Nigeria and Ghana diagnostics markets. This new platform will add to DCL‟s extensive invitro-diagnostics portfolio. This collaboration will introduce the first automated malaria diagnostics equipment in Nigeria and Ghana.

Speaking, Charles O. Anyanwu, the Chairman of DCL GROUP said, “Our collaboration with Sight Diagnostics once again plays to our company‟s narrative of being the clear pacesetter in the introduction of novel and appropriate health technological solutions for disease diagnosis and management to the West Africa region. I am very positive that this strategic relationship will equip us better than ever before in disease diagnostics and will also catalyze DCL‟s role  in assisting clinicians, researchers and public health administrators in reducing the West Africa malaria burden.”

The SightDx Parasight Malaria Detection Platform uses ground- breaking computer vision technology to analyse blood samples for malarial parasites. The state-of-the-art technology combines innovative software algorithms, specialized optics, and a new sample preparation method, allowing patient samples to be prepared quickly, easily and reliably. The instrument automatically analyses the sample and provides a diagnostic result within only four minutes. The device also provides information on the species of the infecting malaria parasites and provides information that may be used by clinicians to aid in determining the severity of the illness. The diagnostic information is displayed on the instrument‟s screen and integrates into the facility‟s lab information management system.

The Parasight Malaria Detection Platform has undergone field testing at a number of Nigeria laboratories, during which it demonstrated a high degree of sensitivity and specificity even at very low levels of infection. To date, Parasight has been sold to healthcare providers in 18 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe, with more than 300,000 malaria tests shipped.

AssafAmitay, VP of SightDX said, “We are excited that Sight Diagnostics and DCL are joining forces in the fight against malaria. Our collaboration with DCL provides us with an established and experienced partner and together we can better serve the Nigeria and Ghana healthcare market.”

Through this agreement DCL will market the Parasight Platform in Nigeria and Ghana diagnostics market

The SightDx‟s Parasight Malaria Detection Platform will be DCL‟s first step into the West Africa automated malaria diagnostics market. DCL currently markets a wide variety of diagnostic systems in Nigeria and Ghana with numerous offerings in different areas of clinical laboratory.

According to the Managing Director, DCL Laboratory Products, Ghana, Dr. Johnkennedy Anyanwu “This unique opportunity to partner with Sight Diagnostics has presented us with yet another great opportunity for our two companies to play a definitive role in early and accurate diagnosis of malaria in West Africa which has long been a major challenge to public health in the region.

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