Interview with Gaurav Monga 

CEO, Crown Healthcare (Nig) Ltd 

Crown Healthcare (Nig) Ltd was established in 2015 with the aim of becoming a leading technologically innovative-driven medical equipment and services company in Nigeria, West Africa region and Africa as a whole in partnership with our parent company in Kenya. 

Tell us about your focus areas and presence in the healthcare industry of West Africa. 

Health is quite an important bedrock for long time development and sustainability of any society, nation, country or world at large. With exponential growing in population of about 441.2m as of Friday August 18,2023 of West Africa according to latest United Nations estimates and having 5.47% of total world population and ranks as no 2 in Africa among sub-regions only support our mission and focus as a company in strengthening healthcare services and deliveries in Africa sub-regional level and Africa as whole by providing innovative and quality medical products and excellent service deliveries. Our current dominant presence in 5 major countries in Africa is a testament to this claims. Currently we are focusing on five major areas, namely: Endoscopy, Radiology, PMLS, IVD and Renal care. 

Based on your observation and expertise, share your thoughts on healthcare in West Africa and highlight some of the recent developments. What role does your organisation play in this context?

Healthcare sector in West Africa region can still be adjudged to be at growing stage considering the recent revaluation in national budgets and investment been made at both private and public healthcare sectors post covid-19. However, the growing stage has equally been plagued by numerous peculiar challenges such as healthcare workers shortage, lack of and poorly equipped primary healthcare facilities,  political instability in some countries, lack of clear policies , forex scarcity, fake medical drugs, high maternity rate, and low standard of living etc.. 

The remote causes of above challenges can be attributed to low healthcare expenditure by the government, low national income stream, low per capita, lack of effective social protection mechanism to ensure equitable distribution of healthcare, gross incapability to implement national policies, poor working conditions, lack of proper welfare of healthcare workers such as salary package that could sustain beyond subsistence level to mention but few.     

Roles being played by Crown healthcare ltd 

Unwavering Commitment in supplying innovative and quality medical equipment to West Africa region.

Investment in training and retraining of end-users and engineers and sales team during our weekly, monthly, quarterly and bi-annual organized conferences, exhibition and training session even outside Nigeria shore has been major contributing factors and part of roles we played in improving the healthcare services deliveries in West Africa.  

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Crown healthcare Ltd (C.H.M.S Ltd) played significant role during covid 19 pandemic. Been one of the most widespread public healthcare emergencies in history, we established facemask production factory at such critical time with sole aim of supporting the citizens in preventing further widespread of Covid 19. We introduced facemask products that stood out all through this difficult period and the said objective was achieved. 

Also at Crown healthcare Ltd, there is zero tolerance on fake products and we follow on daily basis world best practices in all our dealing with various partners on quality assurance of our products.  

Worthy to mention as well that at Crown healthcare Ltd, welfare and good salary package of our employees are utmost priority and this gives us an edge over many within the same circle when it comes to employee turnover ratio.  

Please identify some areas of opportunity, training, and education in the healthcare industry aligned with your business/medical activities.

OPPORTUNITY: We consider West Africa region in the area of healthcare equipment supplies and service deliveries as major growth opportunity base due to the following two major reasons: because of the tremendous health challenges that the region are facing and because of the serious deficiencies that still exist in West Africa healthcare despite foreign aids assistance and interventions. 

TRAININING: We have our yearly intensive focus on system and institutional capacity- building through regular training support for our end-users within and outside the country for the purpose of efficient and effective handling of medical equipment in the course of their service delivery. At Crown health ltd, we do send our staff and even end-users out of the country for onsite training and also conduct both practical and theoretical training session at regular interval.     

Please highlight some of your partnerships, achievements, and business goals for the next 12 months.

Partners: Karl Storz •Mindray GE Healthcare• United Imaging • 3M • Seca • Sonoscape • DR GEM • Heyer • Laborex, Wondfo, Nefro, Epic Height 

Achievement: Today, Crown Healthcare has become a household name in Nigeria medical space and Africa to reckon with our various successful carried-out projects across the country and beyond through comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for small, medium, and advanced medical outfit in Africa. Also, worth to note that Crown Healthcare now presence in five countries in Africa including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. We control good market share in the area of endoscopy instruments, Laboratory equipment and reagents, medical consumables and radiological items currently within West Africa. We have touched every nook and cranny part of Nigeria and several other countries in Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda e.t.c through our effective sales segmentations, active engagement with all stakeholders as frontrunner in sponsoring healthcare conferences and workshops, globally-trained engineers with cutting-edge technological medical devices and tools, effective quality medical supplies and efficient service deliveries.  

We have overcome many daunting challenges in the course of pursuit of our averring goals and objectives as a renowned African medical equipment supplier and have navigated successfully through several economic-social disruptions such as covid-19. Our strong commitment to humane health and long life remains sacrosanct and we believe our business vintage with dedication will forge us even to greater height. 

Business goals for the next 12 months In the next new few weeks, we will be introducing new products in the area of renal care such acid concentrate, disinfectants, personal hygiene, consumables and catheters. Also, there will be new innovative medical equipment products across our major areas of interest in the coming months. 

What are you looking forward to the most at Medic West Africa 2023, and what can attendees expect to see? 

I am looking forward to seeing a quite engaging and rewarding biggest West Africa medical collective platform where the latest innovative medical devices and equipment are showcased and current medical issues are fully discoursed among the healthcare professionals. Attendees should be expecting some of our new rolled out quality and innovative medical equipment products.  

Anything else you would like to add? 

I believe collaborative efforts across spectrum of all major healthcare players in the industry both in private and public sector with forward looking agenda at regional level will help in improving healthcare services and deliveries in West Africa region.