16 - 18 April 2025

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Industry insights 2024

Check out the key figures, trends for 2024 and see where the industry is headed in the West African region.

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Looking ahead, the future of the healthcare industry in WestAfrica appears optimistic, with governments demonstrating acommitment to enhancing both the reach and quality of services.Collaborative approaches between countries have already shownsignificant progress in the diagnosis / treatment of infectiousdiseases, offering a promising outlook for the region’s overallhealth and well-being.

Download your guide: The Emerging Healthcare Landscape – West Africa, the New Frontier

The healthcare landscape in West Africa is experiencing significant transformation driven by population growth, urbanisation, and rising healthcare demands. Understanding current sector conditions, key trends, technological advancements, and challenges is crucial for stakeholders capitalising on future opportunities amid growing demand for quality healthcare services. Analysing the legislative and regulatory environment, along with forecasting future developments, provides valuable insights into the potential impact on Nigeria’s overall business landscape.

Industry insights 2023

Check out the key figures, see where the industry is headed in the West African region.

Download your guide: Navigating West Africa's Journey from Digital Health to Universal Health

Discover the healthcare landscape in Africa, notably in West Africa and Nigeria, where inadequate infrastructure and resource disparities persist. The report emphasizes the pivotal role of accessible technology in addressing these challenges, showcasing digital healthcare's progress and potential. AfroPHC's upcoming policy framework, "Building Primary Health Care Teams for Universal Health Coverage in Africa," takes center stage.

Get exclusive insights into the West African healthcare industry

The healthcare market in West Africa is experiencing substantial growth and offers immense potential for investment. This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the market's size, expansion, healthcare service demand, infrastructure, investment prospects, and healthcare providers.With a focus on countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, and Niger and Cameroon, the analysis delves into the region's healthcare and laboratory landscape, highlighting key trends and opportunities for stakeholders. 

West Africa's thriving healthcare sector

As per a research report by Researchand Markets, Africa In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market isexpected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2022 to 2029 toreach $1.78 billion by 2029. Demand for Healthcare services: Laboratory equipment andsupplies are in high demand in West Africa. Investing in firmsthat provide laboratory supplies and equipment can prove tobe a profitable enterprise.With a rising population and increased demand for healthcareservices, West Africa need well-equipped medical testingfacilities. Investing in such labs might be advantageous,especially in nations with underdeveloped healthcare systems.

Healthcare Overview : Nigeria

According to a report by Fitch Solutions, healthcare expenditure in Nigeria is predicted to reach NGN 5,762.061 billion by 2021 growing at a CAGR of 8.35% Y.O.Y. This is up from an estimated NGN 5,318.061 billion in 2020. By 2021, healthcare spending is estimated to make up 2.94% of the country’s GDP. While the government is expected to spend NGN 1,477.77 billion by 2021, the private sector will spend NGN 4,284.469 billion in the same period. This is up from NGN 1,190.71 billion and NGN 3,709.120 billion respectively in 2019.

Medical Devices Market Overview

According to a report by Fitch Solutions, the Nigerian medical device market will record double-digit growth in local currency and will grow at a 2017-2022 CAGR of 9.0% to reach US$ 184.4 million by 2022.
Research & Markets also predicts that the Nigerian medical device market will witness a strong growth rate in the medium to longterm future driven by improved economic conditions and the introduction of a foray of new companies with technological advancements.

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