16 - 18 April 2025

Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Gain unique perspectives into the healthcare framework of West Africa. 


The healthcare landscape in West Africa has undergone significant positive transformations over the past decade, marked by substantial financial investments in infrastructure. Notably, areaslike medical equipment / research have seen increased funding,leading to the establishment of new health centers together with the enhancement of existing facilities.

Collaborative efforts involving multilateral institutions, international organisations, andcivil society groups have empowered governments to explore diverse financing models for healthcare initiatives.

Looking ahead, the future of the healthcare industry in WestAfrica appears optimistic, with governments demonstrating acommitment to enhancing both the reach and quality of services.Collaborative approaches between countries have already shown significant progress in the diagnosis / treatment of infectious diseases, offering a promising outlook for the region’s overall health and well-being.

Healthcare Infrastructure - Medic West Africa

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